Joint Managing Director

Mr. AshwinChendilnathan has joined the Board of ‘VR Group’ in the year 2014 and has over 10+ years of management expertise. He is the driving engine for the strategic vision and operational principles of the organization. With the stern “Employee-Customer” centered outlook, Mr. Ashwin is engaged in the Revenue expansion, Customer Experience management, diversification of the business operations among other operational aspects. Some of the priorities he is driving at the Group Level are Technology implementation, EBIT enhancement Methodologies, Brand Promotions and development. He has defined a “Vision -2025” which is a 5 Year Strategic plan for the Group and is working rigorously towards aligning all the departments and business entities to this Vision.

Mr AshwinChendilnathan is a natural leader with the vision to achieve more and reach great heights. He believes in automation technology and artificial intelligence and implementation of the same in the entire business process. He is the first to ideate and develop a website and mobile application in the affordable homes segment category to book home online. He is behind the concept of Future apartments that are planned to come with home automation and voice recognition.

He has fore fronted the implementation of Sales force CRM – Sales cloud, Marketing cloud and SAP in the organization. These high efficient tools has increased the overall productivity of the employees and created transparency in the work process. He has more plans for the process improvement of the organization and through technology support he believes to achieve the vision of the company.

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