Difference Between M Sand and River Sand

M-Sand manufactured in a factoryThis naturally available on river banks
The source of Crushed sand is a quarry. It is manufactured by quarry stones, Crushing rocks, or larger aggregate pieces into sand size particles in a factory or quarry.This is naturally available and extracted from the riverbanks or river beds.
The shape of Crushed sand is angular and cubical and has a rough texture and hence, better for concrete.The shape of natural sand is rounded and has a smooth surface.
No moisture contentMoisture is generally present between the particles. Hence, it affects the assumptions of concrete mix design and quality of concrete.
This sand highly recommended for RCC purposes and brick/block works.River sand is recommended for RCC, plastering and brick/blockwork.
Particle passing 75 microns: Up to 15% (IS: 383-1970)Particle passing 75 microns: Up to 3% (IS: 383-1970)

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